Interview with Daria Dan


Interview with Daria Dan


Our fabulous Daria Dan is in Milan with WOMEN management right now. She has already worked with top international brands and we are obsessed with her results.

1. Hello! You have worked in different countries: Italy, Turkey, Germany. Which one did you like the most and why?

Hello! I DONT KNOW ACTUALLY. Turkey is a commercial market and it was easy for me. So many lookbooks and catalogues. Europe — its more about fashion and something special. There are so many different models. What about Germany — I like their style of work, everything is clear and orderly. 

2. What attracts you in modeling?

So many things! You develop yourself internally (you get to know yourself, gain experience, think in completely different directions, process a huge amount of information, combine a lot of things on trips) and externally (you always keep yourself in shape, look after your skin, hair, nutrition).Trips to different countries. The ability to learn new language, the opportunity to meet new people, to communicate, to overcome difficulties. And lastly, I love it. I look forward to every shoot, every show, every casting. It motivates, energizes and inspires me. I strive for ever greater heights every new time. And I believe in myself. I have people that believe in me and support me. The list goes on and on.

3. Which models are preferred by brands in Europe?

Customers in Europe love models with whom there is no problem, they want to be sure that the girl will not be late, and so on.

Also, each client is looking for completely different types and everyone has different shooting concepts. Therefore, the model must be multifunctional and be able to adapt to the client’s wishes: be calm or dance throughout the shooting 😉

And of course personality!

4. What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go to the gym, listen to self-development audio books and love to cook healthy meals. Also I watch Italian lessons on YouTube (because I am in Italy), and when I am in other countries I try to listen to lessons in the language of this country. I read fiction and, of course, I walk around the city and visit sights.

5. What is the worst thing model can do for her model career?

Night walks, clubs. Lack of sport, skincare, bad nutrition and not healthy lifestyle. Too high self-esteem and rudeness. Disorganization. 

6. Three main qualities of successful model!

Personality! Intelligence! Self-confidence!

7. Everyone is special. What is your superpower?

I think in simplicity and openness. I trying to be myself and don’t deviate from my goal. 

I wanna say THANK YOU for this opportunity to Anastasia Soldatova and all MAG team!