Beautiful Vladlena returned from her first model contract in Greece.

1. Your first model contract. Were you anxious or calm and confident?

Well, when I got information about the contract, to be honest, I was shocked, in fact , I had mixed feelings, happiness, fear and interest at the same time. What is awaiting me there?  How am I going  to communicate? There were so many questions in my head. But I was sure, it would be a great contract, because it was organized by Anastasia Soldatova and we will never let down each other.

 2. What attracts you in modeling?

Modeling is more than just a job, it’s my life! I like everything in it, but it’s not an easy profession.

 3. Which models are preferred by brands in Greece?

Simple poses, beautiful faces, charismatic and self-confident girls.

 4. What do you do in your free time?

I successfully combine studying and modeling job.  I also like dancing!

 5. What is the worst thing a model can do for her model career?

In my opinion, if a model isn’t responsible and thinks that modeling is for a while or just a hobby, she isn’t a model.

 6. Three main qualities of a successful model!

1. Charisma

2. Fit body

3. Hard work

 7. Everyone is special. What is your super power? 

A very interesting question! I’m pretty modest in life, I’m quite shy. But I’m another person at a shoot, I wanna show myself in different ways: cuteness, charm, feminity…